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My little 18 month old is driving me up the wall!! I almost dread taking her out now! When we go on the bus or the train she will not sit still - so I end up having to try and restrain her on my lap while she kicks, screams, bites headbutts and people give me looks! She wants to walk everywhere - great until I can’t take the slow pace anymore or I need to get somewhere in a reasonable time or she starts going in the wrong direction, heading for the road etc. Sometimes she wants me to carry her for a little while - that’s fine but I have a disability which makes it hard for me to carry her for long - and she doesn’t usually want to be carried for long anyway. Sometimes she needs to go in her buggy! This involves all hell breaking loose! Kicking, screaming, buckarooing! It takes longer to strap her in than it takes her to get out of the straps! I end up pushing the buggy desperately trying to hold her in it , while avoiding being bitten and kicked while strangers give me funny looks and tell me to strap her in! (Doh! I hadn’t thought of that!!) Help!!!

Charlotte x

Home-Edding, BFing, Co-sleeping, Carrying & Cloth-nappying Gentle Mama to Lovely Leo (Apr 07) and Beautiful Ella (Mar 12)

Only thing I can think of is to give her a favourite toy or book or even a snack, and let her out as much as possible when it is safe to do so and you have the time. There isn’t an easy solution when they don’t like the buggy.

I know your child is way past the buggy stage now Charlotte, but I know this is a common phenomenon.
I would not force anyone into a buggy because it never works. Instead, I would attach a wrist strap or harness to the child to keep her safe and let her walk. If I was travelling a distance I would still take the buggy because it’s so handy o hold all the bags and coats. When she’s tired she will ask to sit in it when she does not equate it to a prison or torture seat.
I know some people don’t like wrist straps or harnesses but I don’t see what the problem is. It is more respectful than requiring the child to hold her arm at a raised angle in order to keep hold of your hand. When attached to a strap they have more freedom to explore their surroundings and it keeps them safer than a hand hold. They still have the option of holding hands if they so choose.
Anyway, this is my experience.

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