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Hi there
My soon to be six year old boy is really showing an real interest in drawing and all things arty and crafty… Was thinking of getting him some decent supplies as part of his christmas pressie… And maybe and art station…. Any suggestions…. What have your little ones got? Would like to spend a little more to get better supplies for him.


Can’t rate the Lyra Furby pencils highly enough - they arereally fantastic. We also like the stockmar crayons.

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We love Lyra too and my daughter also loves the stockmar crayons, both block and stick.

She got a really gorgeous set of high quality watercolours for her birthday and she just adores them and is very careful with them. We had an okay set before but the colours in the good set are so much more vibrant that she loves using them.

She also loves pens and we have a big pot of them on her desk. She has a white table with her pencils, pens, crayons and watercolours always out, as well as a stack of paper. This has worked well for us because she likes to do things off her own steam and will resist anything we suggest sometimes!  This way she does a lot of painting and drawing everyday.

I also find pinning up a few pics for inspiration is good. And I often print out seasonal colouring in pages for her to do too. Lately I’ve been leaving a stack of faceless blank bodies around because she likes to ‘fill them in’ by giving them different expressions and features smile


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The ones that the kids can have access to whenever they want are…

*Lyra Furby colouring pencils
*Crayola pencils
*regular drawing pencils
*crayon rocks
*Stockmar sticks and blocks
*regular poster paints
*good watercolour paints
*felt tips
*their crafty bits (stuff for cutting, stickers, glueing, pipe cleaners, googly eyes etc.)
*playdough and tools
*air dry clay
*board pens and a white board

Then we also have professional grade art supplies that are for supervised use
*oil pastels
*the proper watercolour paints in tube and palette
*watercolour pencils
*oil paints
*acrylic paints
*and I’m sure there’s a few more, but I’m only half way through my morning cup of tea! :D

We have colouring book and sheets that we’ve printed out, we like using our favourite books as inspiration for art (like The Incredible Book-Eating Boy has brilliant collage work in it!).

We try and include seasonal activities and crafts, as Ru likes to give them to his friends! x

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Thank you so much for all suggestions… I have a lovely list to work on now! We already have some of the things mentioned but lots more to add too!!! What do you store your stuff in? And do you have specific area just for arty stuff and activities?


Ava has her table and chairs just in front of out large dining room glass doors so she is looking outside. Her supplies are on her tables and then just above her are big shelves with all her other supplies like ...pipe cleaners, sticks, beads, glitter, stacks of different paper, tissue paper, glues and sticky things…etc. As well as a growing collection of art books. All are accessible on a chair for her but the whole area is her art and crafts corner. It’s right next to our dining room table which is quite big,  for messier arts and crafts.

We keep things in boxes, glass jars and wicker baskets. I really like the space as it is quite harmonious and simple…well, before activities but it definitely inspires Ava to sit and make things. I know everyone is different but I find Waldorf inspired areas-organisation to be a lovely setting to create in.


Unschooling Mama to Ava (2) and Ezra (due April), living and parenting as mindfully as possible.

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