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Would love to meet up with some London mamas. I am based in East London with excellant transport links near me and I love to discover new places.

My not so little one has started school, so a week day meet up maybe without him.

Where are you London mamas? Look forward to meeting you.  Simone x

Sounds interesting! I’m in SW London, my DD is also at school. Mondays or Fridays are best for me.

Anyone else?

growing green by baby steps

Surely more london green mamas ? Fridays are good for me Dunelm. Let me what you fancy doing. x

Hi!  Yes I’m in Camden, North London.  Happy to meet on weekdays during school hours.  Please call if you wanna meet for a cuppa 07766057823, or find me on Facebook: jenny hautman

I’m South of the River, daytimes are good for me too


Hiya, I am close to Paddington happy to meet locally my baba is only 5 months.

I’m in North London (Turnpike Lane ), also free during school hours, would be lovely to meet up.


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