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Trying to puzzle out something for my mum for Christmas.  I’m trying to crochet her a wreath off attic 24 but I would like to give her something for her to use as well.  She loves knitting and crochet and I was thinking something along these lines (other than patterns and requests!).  She was at yarndale a couple of months back and treated herself to some pretty crochet needles and a wooden thing you put your wool on while knitting to stop it tangling, but I have no idea where to look.  She also already has knitting bags and wool bags.  Any suggestions from you crafty mamas please?

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I made my Mum a shawl for Christmas, and bought a brooch for it from etsy that has decorations on it that can be removed and used as knitting markers/spacers. It’s made from thick copper wire and glass beads. I want one for myself actually!
If you are interested I’ll try to find the link smile

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What about a knotting needle and/or crochet hook roll? I had one made as a gift with vintage fabric and ribbon and I really treasure it xx

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