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I thought I would see who,  if anyone, (i know there are some of you!!) are near to Birmingham and are free to meet up next tuesday (17th)?

Myself and Clarastara are meeting at 12pmish by the new library with little ones and would love to ask anyone who is free to come along too!!!!!

Let me know and if you are free i will message my mobile number so we can all track each other down!

Would love to have, the Christmas markets are so wonderful, but we are so skint the only market I can afford is our local flea market/car boot sale!
Enjoy smile


wont be buying ANYTHING on the markets!! I have to catch a train so have the train fare to pay for but its more to mooch and feel festive and the library doesnt cost anything smile

Oh but I would covet do many things, I’m best staying away from temptation otherwise I’d blow our meagre budget and ruin the experience wink

I’m on holiday next week! That’s a shame! You could have seen me modelling your coat lol

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I would LOVE to meet up but ds2 has his nativity and is very excited otherwise I would have. I really want to go to the new library.

heard bout the birmingham markets on the radio this morn,eldest dd wanted me to go camden,but cant really afford it,this would have been great as could have drove there,but….this morn sis asked me to work,so will also be spending no money but will be going to see the reindeer at the local garden day i’ll get to a weekend or meet!!x

LETS no42

Yes please smile I work just around the corner and have been meaning to go to the new library for ages smile

Happy mama to Ed, Max, Tilly and Ben. Still learning every day.

Hooray!!! Someone is free to come too!!! Hodge podge i will message you my number!!! Sorry you other lovelies cant make it x

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