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I can sew a little and I’ve been teaching myself to knit and I was wondering what type of things all you crafty mamas knit/sew? I’m thinking that I would like to make things that are used/useful rather than just for fun, if you know what I mean?

Just being nosy and looking for inspiration!!!

Many thanks xx

Unschooling Mama to River (7), Rain (4) and Blossom (2) xx

Well, anything that takes my fancy really wink

My favourite things to sew, and the ones I do the most, are girls’ dresses, little aprons and oven mitt sets, quilts, bird wings recently, quick change trousers and booties from one of my favourite sewing books, ‘Handmade Home’ by Anna Maria Horner. I often do rainbow crowns or cloaks as gifts for people….I really love sewing for the home too and often do cushion covers because they’re quick and easy and can change the feel of a room easily.  Table runners too, curtains etc.

As for knitting, I’m now on my 93rd elf hat which is crazy! I also love knitting pebble vests (seems to be a favourite pattern amongst many knitters), other types of hats, scarfs and shawls and I love knitting little animals too. Ravelry has so much to inspire!

A book like Weekend Sewing is good because it has all sorts of things to sew for wearing and home alike


Unschooling Mama to Ava (2) and Ezra (due April), living and parenting as mindfully as possible.

MamaMake, handmade whimsy -

MamaMake - 27 December 2013 01:58 PM

As for knitting, I’m now on my 93rd elf hat which is crazy!


Wow!!! No wonder they’re so amazing!!!! Finley loves his!! So do I! grin grin You are a very talented mama! xxxx

I’m so glad he likes it! wink It’s a super easy knit. I’m still quite a beginner when it comes to knitting. I’m in awe of some of the beautiful things ladies on here knit…my instagram feed is full of gorgeous things! My partner does most of the knitted orders for MM (not elf hats though) because she is a whiz. Oddly…because you use DPNs for elf hats, I feel most confident with those smile

My two favourite knitting books are by Joelle Hoverson - ‘Knitted Gifts’ and ‘More Knitted Gifts’ smile


Unschooling Mama to Ava (2) and Ezra (due April), living and parenting as mindfully as possible.

MamaMake, handmade whimsy -

I used to knit a lot of jumpers for the children when they were smaller, but now things just take so much more time as they’re so much bigger wink

Practically I tend to knit hats, wristwarmers, leg warmers, neckies, cowls…things that are quick and, if I’m honest, fairly easy to knit whilst I’m doing other things, so not concentrating on a complex pattern.

Other things you might find useful are dishcloths, which are pretty simple from a cotton type yarn or mug warmers, i love my mugwarmer on my travel mug. All of these can be as easy or as complex as you want.

I picked up a cute book not so long ago called ‘mugwamers’ and another called ‘boot cuffs’!  A lot of my inspiration comes from ravelry though. If you’ve not found it yet, it’s a great site for building up ideas and getting some free patterns.

Sewing, I still like to run up skirts and pinafore dresses for dd,  but otherwise, skirts for me, dressing up things or costumes for shows, stuff for school or little bags and things. The boys won’t wear my sewing now :-(    Sewing wise I used to go on a site called ‘Crafters’. It’s American but there are still loads of great ideas.

I love to knit. I mostly knit smaller things like hats, pebble vests and have just learnt how to knit socks… Can see a obsession developing as I’m on my second pair in less than 2 weeks. Ravelry is a great place to find projects without having to go and spend money on knitting books.

Knitting wise I have made hats, mittens, wrist warmers, scarves, cowls, socks, slippers, a dress, jumpers, cardigans, felted bowls, small animals, pieces for our nature table. These have all been, with the exception of the dress, for babies through to adults.  I am about to cast on a shawl as a birthday present for my mum,  all my knitting is for my family or as presents.

I do far less sewing, I don’t have a great deal of room so cutting out can be hard now.  I have made all the curtains/blinds in our house but most before the children were born so we had more room then!  Other pieces I have made include clothing for my youngest including skirts, trousers, dresses and a nightie, several simple bags which my children use to store their pyjamas in, play capes and play silks.  I have also made a waldorf doll and clothing.  I would like to make a dress for myself for a wedding we are going to next summer.  I love the sewing book Simple Sewing with Lola Nova.

Hi mainly crochet plxie hats and shawls as therequick and easy x

LETS no42

I like to int for the baby as it’s quick and satisfying lol, but I am having a go at a shrug for me although it’s taking a while! I also like doing hats and anything that is knitted in the round as I hate sewing!! My aim for 2014 is to learn to do socks which has always scared me!

AJ x

My love is sewing! Specifically costumes! Mostly for kids although for adults as well! There’s something wonderful in dressing-up and being part of another world, I’ve always loved it since being a child, and luckily my children feel the same! With costumes, I love love love making wings, mostly faery though have made a couple of pairs of dragon wings this Yule for loveArwen’s son and for dandelion-and-daisy’s son, although those aren’t strictly *just* sewing now as I’m branching out into different techniques and forms. Costumes are COMPLETELY needed in our home!

I also love sewing and embroidering crowns and cloaks (there are a LOT of GP children who own them! Hurrah!), and especially making dresses! There’s something SO very lovely about a little girl in a well-made dress!

My first ever things I machine sewed were patchwork dresses for my daughter before she was born, and based on a handmade dress that I wore as a baby. The first clothes I ever made from a book were from Making Baby’s Clothes that was really simple and easy to follow with a good introduction into pattern piecing and reading.

I love sewing so much, and it’s just brilliant to be able to make something small and quick, or delve into a bigger, more magical project!

And knitting is good too, and certainly quieter than a machine! I recently (as in the past two days) mastered basic DPN usage, so I finally finished a test sock and I’m very nearly about to finish my first proper one in sparkly green yarn!

Knitting is easier to pick up at spare moments than sewing a full project, and cheaper to get started with, as you only need a set of needles and a ball of yarn, so if money is a consideration, I’d start there. However, after the initial layout for a sewing machine and fabric, you’ve got those tools there for years, which is brilliant as yours skills get better! “What’s that, Small Child? You want to be a dinosaur for Halloween? Sure thing, kid!” wink

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I knit all sorts of things.  Hats, mittens, scarfs, dolls clothes, dolls and toys, jumpers and cardigans for babies, dolls and children.  I also knitted a couple of book covers for my Mum and Dad for christmas which were my first attempt at a cable pattern and they turned out really well.

I’m currently knitting a lace pattern scarf for me which is the first time I’ve had a go at that type of knitting and I’m glad it’s only a scarf with a fairly simple pattern as it’d drive me nuts otherwise.

My challenge over the winter is to teach myself to crochet.  I can make a simple chain but that’s about it

Thanks for the ideas ladies, I can also vouch for a MamaMake elf hat! Ours is lovely! It’s amazing how many crafty mamas are in here!! xx

Unschooling Mama to River (7), Rain (4) and Blossom (2) xx

I crochet, and mostly make bunting and blankets, I’m currently finishing off a commissioned cloak, and I have an order for two winter garlands.  I’e recently made some slippers too, which were surprisingly time consuming.  A
I’m about to launch a new range in my shop, which is hush hush at the moment, as I’ve not seen my idea applied in this way, so fingers crossed it’s popular. 

My love is freeform crochet, I’ve almost finished myself a freeform hooded capelet, which I love and again I will be introducing more free form items into my shop and moving more away from commissions.  My freeform skirt is finished now, I must take photos, as again I plan to introduce some freeform decorated clothing into the shop too. 

I have a brother sewing machine I picked up for £20 from a charity shop - up to now I’ve been too busy/intimidated to use it, and space was an issue in my old house.  So my 2014 resolution will be to clean it up and see if it works properly (apart from being a bit dirty it looks virtually unused - bobbins still in their packets, the oil that came with the machine unopened etc) and have a go at sewing… it looks like it has embroidery stitches on it, and that interests me the most.

Which brings me to sewing experts, what type of cotton should I buy?  I assume there is a different type/strength for sewing machines to the stuff one uses for hand sewing?  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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I knit and crochet hats, scarves, gloves, toys, shawls, cardigans and have done one massively oversized blanket.  As for sewing I make alot of bunting!!

Jacqui, I use quilters weight cotton.  I prefer cotton to polycotton, seems to be easier on the machine, and just generally nicer.

Cheers grin  - Freeform Crochet Art.

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LETS membership # 52 - HOME!

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