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We had scallops for our New Year’s Eve dinner and they came in the shell. So now I have a huge pile of shells sitting here, well in the dishwasher at the moment. We’re going to make some candles out of the ‘deep’ ones, but what can we make with the completely flat ones? I’ve had a look online, but nothing that has jumped out at me so far. So I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas? It seems such a shame to just throw them away, and at the same time, I don’t just want them hanging around the house. Well, not for too long anyway. But if we could make something with them perhaps?

Love, Sunshinexxx


(Lets number 63)

A mum I know here did a little project with Plaster of Paris using the scallop shells as moulds—fill shells with plaster, leave to harden, pop out shell shapes and paint.  But I reckon you can only use the deeper ones, as for the candles.  Perhaps with the flat ones you could paint them, bore holes in them, string them together with coloured cord or ribbon and hang them up, a bit like bunting? 

Sometimes I find the best thing to do with this bits and bobs is to leave them lying around, honestly, rather than coming up with a project for the child.  My older daughter (4.5) has come up with the best ideas herself, if I just pop things in boxes and leave them accessible to her.  But there needs to be a time limit, of course—after a few months, if something is just sitting there gathering dust, I get rid of it.

Not sure if it’d work but perhaps drill a small hole in each one and string up on ribbons? Kinda shell bunting?? Might also be nice hung outside perhaps like a wind chime? ON fishing wire or something. Just thoughts really smile

smile Mummy to DS born March 08 and DD born July 2010 smile

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We have a load in the sandpit and in a box on the patio for random play ideas- like little plates for a garden ‘shop’ or mud kitchen etc.

You could also use the flat (or I guess the curved ones) as little artists’ pallets for mixing colours on?

I like the sandpit idea, they’d be good there.

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