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We seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut with our meal ideas at the moment…..before Christmas we were all ill so everyone’s appetites went haywire, and now post festive season we need to start switching up our lunches and dinners a bit more! All and any ideas would be very welcome! We eat a mainly vegetarian diet and eat fish once or twice a week too. No red/ white meat though.

Thank you ladies xxxx

Unschooling Mama to River (7), Rain (4) and Blossom (2) xx

We had stuffed peppers this evening, one of those thing I forget about for months so we are always ‘ooo, that’s a nice change’ when I do them (except for the boys who are always ‘eeerg, don’t like that!’... but that’s a whole other post!)

watching with interest - i’m sooooo fed up with eating/cooking the same meals!


Watching with interest too!x

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Hi a few ideas - which of course you may know.
We are not vegetarian but I do love cooking Caribbean food and the Levi Roots books do contain quite a few vegetarian and fish dishes due to his Rastafarianism.
Lots of the soups are lovely and very hearty. I use seasonal vegetables in place of some of the Caribbean ones I can’t get organic - eg kohl rabi, black salsify, celeriac - whatever comes in the veg box really. Sweet potatoes are very nutritious. Lots of use of natural, healthy ingredients - just adjust spicyness levels for the children and/or your taste.
I make up my own all purpose seasoning, soup seasoning etc as some of the packs contain some preservatives. The dumplings have no suet anyway so that’s good.
His first book is the most authentically Caribbean but the others are good too. Fab cakes and desserts as well. Jamaican ginger cake and coconut cake are yummmyyyyy.
Also I use a slow cooker a lot since I bought one a few months ago. Some fantastic inventions have come from throwing whatever is left over in there!!
Also treated myself to a rice cooker for Christmas - I do loads of savoury rice, make up as you go along and can add nuts and pulses. I love it as often struggle to get rice right and if timings are off it keeps it warm too!
If you live in a fairly multicultural area the local Asian shops will stock Caribbean ingredients.
Hope this helps
Good luck and glad you are all feeling better.

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OOOOhh all that sounds yummy!

My blog;

Forgot to say the rice cooker is fantastic for West Indian/Caribbean rice n peas which contains kidney beans traditionally (I use aduki though) and coconut milk so is great for some protein alternatives.

Mum to DD1 Aug 2000, DS1 July 2002, DS2 May 2001 and our gorgeous gift of a baby boy Aug 2011.

‘Don’t Imagine. BELIEVE’ DS1 age 7

Some of the dishes we have been enjoying recently are

Lentil Lasagne,
a savoury Root Veg crumble,
Bean and Bulgar Wheat Bake,
Puff Pastry rolled flat and topped with either very slow cooked sliced white onions and grated goats cheese or very slow cooked red onions in balsamic vinegar and crumbled feta,
A Colcannon inspired dish with mashed potato, finely shredded cabbage or chopped sprouts, fried diced onion and garlic and cream cheese.


Last week we ate
Mon-Lentil lasagne,garlic bread and salad
Tue-Roasted veg(potatoes,onions,peppers and courgettes) with melted hallumi cheese
Wed-Indian takeaway(our new years day treat!!!)
Thurs-broccoli and cheese quiche with jacket potatoes and salad
Fri-Pasta with tomato sauce and salad
Sat-Veg sausages,baked beans and sauted potatoes (lazy meal)
Sun-Pumkin and chickpea curry with basmati rice and dal

No idea yet what we are having this week.
I usually make meal plans every week as I find it really helps me be organised and not spend too much money or too long shopping but I havnt over Christmas.Think Ill start again next week.I am very sad and love sitting in bed in the evenings looking at my favourite cookbooks and planning meals tongue wink

Mummy to 4

MMM everything sounds so yummy my tummy is rumbling!!

This week we are having
Stir fry veg
Tomato and lentil soup
Veggie Chilli
Bolognaise but made with fish instead of meat (usually tuna but trying makerel this week to keep our omega 3 up)
Salmon and sweet potato mash (again with the omega 3)

I love planning our weeks meals, I try to sneak in a few veggie ones and hope that DH won’t notice, but as DD doesn’t like meat (or green veg) he doesn’t get much of a choice.  I love looking through old cookbooks (like 1940’s rationing type old) and try the recipes from them, they were full of delicious veggie stuff because meat was unavailable!  I draw the line at potato and jam sandwiches though!!

Mamma to Hannah, age 8 and Jonas, 2


These suggestions all sound really yummy.  Going to have to keep an eye on this thread I think for lots of suggestions.  Thanks everyone.x

I knew I could count on you all! I’ll be trying some of these next week grin

Unschooling Mama to River (7), Rain (4) and Blossom (2) xx

We like fish crumble here - i make a White sauce with a bit of cheese and a bit of stock powder in, then add cubed fish (any, but I try to make sure at least some of it is smoked, for the flavour), then top with a layer of breadcrumbs and some grated cheese and bake for about 20 mins fairly high. Always gets eaten hee! smile

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hi riverrain,
  For tasty veggie options I find Hugh Fearnley -Whittingstall’s ‘veg’ book really good for ideas x

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