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Just wondering what festivals you are going to this year. We have tickets for Bearded Theory which is one of our favourites, along with Beautiful Days, but we’d also like to slot in a few more small ones.
These are our requirements:
- eclectic mix of music
- non-commercial event (so we can take our own food and drinks and not have to pay rip-off prices)
- possibility of campfires
- not too young and trendy a crowd (prefer hippies!)
- nice outdoor setting (ie not Butlins)
- something with a permaculture/green/eco edge to it

Come on ladies, let us know your favourites. xx

Ooh, think I fail at the non-commercial thing, but we have loved Camp Bestival. I went last year with my dd and we had a blast. You could take your own drinks etc, but it was commercial, there were stalls and vendors etc. I don’t think you could have a campfire either.

We have also enjoyed Solfest in the past, again though, probably doesn’t totally fit all your criteria.

I’m not very clued up on many in this country I’m afraid as we did most of our festivalling prior to now at Gathering of the Vibes in the USA when we lived there - totally hippy, non commercial, green…. but a bit far wink

i wanted to go to beautiful days last year but didnt get the chance! gutted. this year we are skint, so doing some localish festivals, including Leamington Peace Fest and Godiva festival in coventry x

We always went to Sunrise Celebration, very eco, hippy, eclectic, kid friendly and not too big, this year it’s being held near Bristol. Certainly a big part of UK living I’ll miss!

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Thanks ladies. We have been to Solfest before (about three times, although not for the last couple of years for one reason or another) - and it does fit our criteria of ideal festivals, however there isn’t one this year as the organising team are having a break.
I will have a check of Bestival and Sunrise.

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