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O is having a week learning about the winter Olympics
I’d love to make the rings with him, maybe using a sweet bread recipe but am open to other ideas
Do you have any recipes, bread or otherwise that would work
Cheers x

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ooh we did Winter Olympics last week but didnt think of making edible rings lol
have they got to be interlinking?? you could cut the shapes out of sponge or shortbread biscuits but would difficult to make them link..I’d be lazy and use a packet bread recipe if it was me…
my 2 have loved the olympics so far..we’ve studied all the sports..I know much morethan i ever did! making some medals today to celebrate the first one!

happy mummy at last to DD born March 2006..and DS born sept 2007..wonderful fabulous gifts. living as green as possible but always striving to be better!home edding and loving it!

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