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Hi there,
I’ve always wanted to grow our own but as we’ve always rented we never felt comfortable digging our own patch. Basically I’ve got some lovely big pots and I’d love to grow some fruit and veg from seed. I think my two and a half year old would love it too. Our current garden is really sunny and will get full sun through the summer too. I’d love to grow some of those different coloured tomatoes that Jamie’s always banging on about so any ideas of fruitful varieties? Basically what could I grow? When should I sow? Help!

Thank you!!

And now mama to William too!

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But I think the first question is, what do you all like to eat on a regular basis? Then grow that!
So many of us fall into the trap of just growing anything, then don’t really enjoy the harvest…
Herbs are a good starting place, esp as they are expensive in the shops and live ones never seem to last (well at least they don’t for me). Whereas getting them used to your pots means they will thrive. Plus, many, once grown will stay there for ever - thyme, sage, oregano, mint etc (Basil needs sowing every year and should be grown indoors really)
Then yes, tomatoes are good, but need support and a good eye kept on watering.
You could plant one courgette seed and probably feed your whole family and the neighbours for the season!
Beans grow well in pots; either runners or the dwarf ones with a wigwam of canes to grow up.
And cut and come again salad is good as again, those bags of salad are very expensive in the shops and often so much gets wasted…

Have fun!

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We have had most success with cherry tomatoes in pots and also courgettes. Herbs do not like me, nor do salad leaves lol. Perhaps our patio not sunny enough.

A j x

Cucumbers and courgettes grow really well and give off plenty. You would need a pretty big pot for a courgette though but they are super easy to grow.
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Thank you everyone. Is growing from seed easy to do? What type of soil should I use? Do you use plant food? Sorry for all the inane questions!!

And now mama to William too!


As far what I have done while growing tomatoes, keep the soil moist, then you need to put the seeds on the soil. Make sure you just dont dump them on the soil or dig too deep and then place them either. The best way is to place them on the soil and then lightly cover the with a thin film like layer of wait. Make sure it stays moist.

Do not water too much else the seeds will rot, after a week when the baby plants are up make sure you water them properly. I am currently having 10-12 plants on my garden and they are giving great harvest. Have already picked 70-80 still more are there.

And make sure you use organic fertilizer, I got best results with them!

Good luck!

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Basically in the UK you are just planting slug food unless you have a battle plan (I’m sure others can advise). Plants they won’t eat and that’ll more or less take care of themselves - rhubarb, raspberries, blackcurrants, blueberries.

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I use organic compost but you can normally get this quite cheaply garden centres,  if I’m honest I don’t do a lot in regards treatment once I have planted, apart from watering, bit of weeding Inbeteeen plants and just checking up on them them everyday excitedly to see how much they have grown overnight! 

My little boy is 2 and a half and loves helping, especially watering them.

We tend to do strawberries, carrots and tomatoes in pots,  Although my patio never seems to get warm enough for the tomatoes so I tend to keep those in the conservatory.

You could also do potatoes if your tubs are really big.

Forgot to say but with the potatoes I just cut off the sproaty bits off old potoatoes and plant those,  not exactly planting from seed, but simple and free!  Plus you child will hours of fun digging them out,  mine kept re planting them to dig them out again!

Digging and harvesting is indeed really so much fun! I used to enjoy as a child and still do. smile

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