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anyone been/going?


I went last year.
I won’t go again. Compared with shambala which is our usual festival it just didn’t do it for us.
It was nice in its own way, lovely setting and some interesting talks and half decent music.
But.. It was really pretentious, you had to pay for every additional activity- which we didn’t do. The food stalls were limited and not enough of them so queues were horrendous.
It was really middle class- full of posh wellies and young trendies!
I’m sounding old and boring aren’t i?
Shambala is amazing, words I use to describe it are all opposite to wilderness- it’s about fun, joining in, being silly and a lovely vibe- people
From all walks of life- all up for the fun of it. Not at all commercialised, not one bit pretentious.

We don’t go with William- James and I try to make a weekend for us and our friends once a year- so I can’t comment on the kids stuff but from what I noticed it was the same- less than shambala, more pricey for a ticket and the lots of additional costs.

My friends and I felt there wasn’t much to actually do there, again that’s compared to shambala which we always leave feeling like we could have been there a year and still not got bored.

Sorry if this is bad news but i wished I d known this before I booked tickets- I felt a bit robbed!
Defiantly wouldn’t go again.if I were you if book shambala instead and prepare yourself for the best weekend of your year xx

Mummy to William, Beltane baby born 1st May 2010. Finding my way as a natural mummy respecting baby and the world we live in.

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thanks for your honesty! i had an email with this year’s promo vid - it was lovely, really well-done, and looked fantastic, but dh thought it looked pretentious so…guess he was on the right track!

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