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For anyone interested,  I thought this article was quite good:

Ecological Breastfeeding had exactly this effect on me and since I too use the charting method I know that although my period returned when Ava was 1, I didn’t start ovulating til 6 months after that and then fell pregnant again shortly after, as soon as we moved house. 


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I think this is really interesting, although my own experience was very different. My periods returned about 4 weeks after each of my births, even following the ‘rules’ she mentions so I had to be very careful about contraception/ charting as I was very fertile, very soon!  Having said that, each pregnancy has been similarly spaced without deliberately trying to,  whilst breastfeeding on demand throughout all of them! xxx

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Interesting reading but I am clearly the anomaly. My eldest was literally in my arms from birth until she was around 8 months day and night and exclusively breastfed until I started BLW at 9 months and yet there are 17 months between my girls so I conceived when my eldest was 7 months old and at that point all seven rules applied. I didn’t have a period between the girls and normally I have ovulation pain but noticed nothing. I have often maintained that E was intended to be born at a set time!

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Really interesting. I thought I was an anomaly to bf birth control with conceiving Merri when Seren was 5 months, but reading the “rules” I did leave S with my folks for several hours a day 3 days a week from 2 months to 4 months to finish my degree. She had expressed milk so still breast fed, but I never really considered the effect being away from her might have on my fertility. Although saying that my cycle returned at 6 weeks post partum so there’s a chance I might just have been fertile anyway.
I think my body definitely naturally spaced the other two though, as we started trying as soon as I felt comfortable to after birth, and yet they are 24 months and 22 months apart- think my body decided it couldn’t cope with another super close pregnancy like the first two (15 months apart)!

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