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A few people requested recipes for these and Ive been so caught up in toddler being ill/general family buisiness that I never manage to post them so here they are if anyone is still interested!

Chickpea burgers

3 tins of chickpeas or equivelent dried,soaked and cooked
2 onions
500g potatoes
4 cloves garlic
1tsp ground cumin
juice of 1 lemon
2 tbs tamari
wholemeal flour
fresh breadcrumbs

Boil and mash potatoes.Mash chickpeas.chop onions and garlic and mix all ingredients except the last three.I did it in a food proccessor but easily be done by hand. Fill 3 bowls ,one with flour,one milk,one breadcrumbs.Then form potato/chickpea mix into patties and dip in flour ,then milk,then breadcrumbs so that they are well coated. Fry on both sides in a little olive oil until brown (or you could cook them in the oven).serve with a spicy tomato sauce.YUM

Chocolate beetroot cake

150 ml olive oil
120ml maple syrup/honey
250g grated raw beetroot
3 eggs
200g spelt flour
2tsp baking powder
6 large tbs cocoa powder
a pinch of salt
2tbsp desicated coconut

mix all ingredients together in food proccesor or by hand and pour into a lined cake tin. Cook at gas mark 4/350 f for half an hour or until cooked right through.test with a knife. Sometimes I do add some broken up pieces of dark chocolate too,but this makes it not strictly sugar free but increadibly yummy!! Enjoy.x

Mummy to 4

thanks for remembering and sharing hon - hope everyone is well and recovered now!

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The chickpea recipe sounds lovely!
Incase anyone is interested I noticed that organic chickpeas in the tetra packs in our local Tesco metro were half price, so only approx 37 pence!
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Thank you! Going to have a go at them this w/end:)

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Both recipes look lovely, will give them a try soon.

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