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Hi everyone, I’m Louise and I’m a married momma to a gorgeous boy who is 2.

Currently living in Halesowen.

I currently work p/t,  but I am interested in home ed and Steiner education.  We are trying to live more simply, I love growing veg, keeping ducks and chickens and we hope that we can expand our family some time soon.

I love the GP and everything it stands for and we are trying to raise our son as green and as mindfully as possible.

I look forward to getting to know you all grin

Nice to meet you- I’m one of the locals, if you’re ever free Mondays we generally have some meet up or another going on x
Love Clare x

Mummy to William, Beltane baby born 1st May 2010. Finding my way as a natural mummy respecting baby and the world we live in.

My blog!!

Hi Clare, thank you!

Unfortunately I work on a Monday,  I currently only have Weds off,  although I am hoping this will change soon as I’m going to see if I can change my hours.

So, if you ever do anything on a weds count me in!


Hello!  I won’t be far from you either!  I’m in Quinton!!  I’m at SAHM so could meet on a Wednesday one week if you’re free x good to have you here x

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Mommy to Jacob (13.03.04), Joe-Joe (17.01.10) Noah (02.03.11) and Thomas (19.05.13)

Taking baby steps towards a more sustainable, conscientious lifestyle.

Hi mama

welcome to the forum. In in Stourbridge so not far from you. we are ex home edders and now at the local steiner school so if you ever cwanna chat about home ed or steiner education id love to talk to you.
hope you enjoy green parent x

Single mama to a little Steiner family of 3. Living joyfully and trying to our bit for mother earth and to live a sustainable, conscious ‘green’ life.

Hello and welcome to the forum, hope you feel at home here wink

Waving from further North!

Hi Louise smile xx

Unschooling Mama to Ava (2) and Ezra (due April), living and parenting as mindfully as possible.

MamaMake, handmade whimsy -

Hello smile I have a feeling I have already met you out and about, will PM you when I have a second. Welcome to the forum!

Mommy of a gorgeous little boy born Nov 2012 My new blog, mainly for my husband to see our adventures

Thank you for the warm welcome everyone!

I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning, sharing ideas and thoughts and just having a general chin wag!

Can’t wait to meet my GP ” neighbours” and make new friends along the way grin 

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