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My daughter got a fab little popcorn machine for Christmas, both the older ones love eating the popcorn but I’m struggling to think of flavourings for it. They don’t mind it plain or with a little butter but I wondered if anyone had any savoury suggestions about what to do with it!

Vegi ideas please grin


AJ x

I seem to remember soulemama has lots of recipes on her blog. www

Love, Sunshinexx


(Lets number 63)

We add Himalayan rock salt and turmeric. Very yummy! Interested to see other suggestions though as this is the only way we have it. smile

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Fresh ground black pepper here!

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Yes, check out Soulemama’s blog—actually if you google “Soulemama “a year of popcorn”” you should get all the recipes.  Our current favourite is: butter, salt, and nutritional yeast.  Butter, salt, and parmesan (you need the naff powdered kind, not the gourmet coarse-grated stuff grin) is also delicious.  A friend of mine also highly recommends coarse salt, parmesan, and walnut oil, but we haven’t tried that yet because of the price of walnut oil.  If your kids will eat spicy things you can actually put in a good curry powder or a Thai-style spice mix with lemongrass and such, it’s different but very yummy grin.

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