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Sugar has been in the newspapers so much recently I’m starting to worry about it!
Can someone tell me is fruit sugar as bad as processed sugar?

The Daily Mail published a guide at the weekend ‘How much sugar is in your food?’ And it made me start to panic a bit as they had put what I see as healthier sugars (whole fruits etc) in with processed sugars all in the same booklet. Apparently a banana has 7tsp of sugar in it and you’re only supposed to have 10 tsp of sugar a day. And an apple has 3 tsp. My children always have an apple and a banana a day as well as vegetables and I thought that was healthy but eating those alone and they have reached 10 tsp already. It’s made me feel quite anxious around food.

I’m aware that The Dail Mail are famous for printing health issues/scares all time but I’m still worrying!  smile
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I know chemically they are different but I wonder this often too, as they are often grouped together in dietary references. The key point is how they are broken down in the body and whether they amount to the same thing once digested- which I have no idea! But following with interest!

In my opinion,no.sugar is a heavily refined product and fresh fruit is a healthy,nourishing wholefood. Personally,I dont agree with the theory that fruit is as bad as sugar,which a lot of people claim.As far as Im concerned with sweet things,the things to consider are:Does the ‘sweet thing’ have nutritional value? Fruit,(fresh and dried),honey,molasses,coconut palm sugar…etc all have nutritional /health properties where as sugar doesnt .Infact it strips nutrients from the body.
Also if you eat a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables,wholegrains,wholefoods and foods as unproccessed as possible,your body will deal fine with any sweet hit it is given.Even if sometimes that is a bit of refined sugar .
And lastly in my opinion,there is a big difference between freshly made food, made at home with love and proccessed store bought .So a homemade cake/biscuits are going to have a lot more nutritional value than those bought at the shop,having sat around in a packet for months and containing chemicals to keep them from going off.Infact I would go as far as to say,I would far rather (and do) eat a delicious homemade cake containing a bit of sugar than eat a shop bought sugar free cake. HTH x

Mummy to 4

Totally agree with mummybee.

Mum to two boys, Roan (Nov 08) and Jude (Oct 11) and a little girl, Amalie (Jan 14). Trying to parent as gently and lovingly as I can.

I can only really go on what works for my kids - Grace can eat all the fruit she likes, and it doesn’t affect her behaviour, but the smallest amount of refined sugar makes her go loopy, and she doesn’t like the way it makes her feel. Therefore, the kids don’t eat any refined sugar (and for us, that includes things like coconut sugar too), but they do have lots of fruit.

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I am totally for giving fruits and vegetables for my kid. There can be nothing healthier than she gets the vitamins from real fruit. It is so much better than giving them confectionery or fruit juices for example.

I’ve always considered naturally occurring sugar to be a healthier option, but still everything in moderation. It’s surprising how much sugar is contained in some fruits.

As long as the fruit is not transgenic, I do not find the problem in consuming something natural without abusing it.

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