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Hannah’s sleeping pattern has changed quite a bit in the last couple of months.  Apparently this is normal at her age, but I’m struggling and she ends up quite tired and having to sleep more during the day to make up for it.  She used to go down in her cot about half six and go off to sleep no problem. I take her up to the nursery and feed her in the dark all cuddled up in her sleeping bag.  I then put her down she puts her thumb in, curls up on her side and goes off to sleep. She would then wake about half twelve ish and feed again, then go off to sleep about half six.  All good.  Now she wakes constantly, at least three or four times a night, sometimes every hour.  I started taking her into the spare bed with me just so we could get some sleep and stay warm, but I’m worried it’s going to become a habit.  I can’t really sleep with her in my bed cause DH sleeps very soundly, snores very loudly and disturbs her, and he gets disturbed during the night, and I’m too tired to deal with him being tired Nd grumpy the next day!  It kind of started when she went through a teething period for a week, then a few days of constipation, but then continued.  Anything I can find on Google goes on about bedtime routine, which I already do, then Goes on to cc which obviously I don’t want to do.

Please,any ideas?  Just feelings exhausted every day now and it’s making me grumpy and lethargic.

Mother to Harry (6) and Oliver (4) and Hannah who arrived at 5.57pm on Friday 10th May 2013 - our new blog, Three Little Monkeys

We have a very similar routine. Ds varies quite a lot as to how often he wakes in the night, but it is definitely better when he hasn’t had a daytime nap (at 18 months that is probably more do-able than 10 months). We found keeping a sleep diary for a few weeks was good to identify things that helped, writing down when he slept, and any other events. Maybe that could help to pinpoint an idea for your situation…

I’m not sure that it would become a habit if you slept with her in the spare bed during this phase.  Of course, I may be wrong, but sometimes babies just go through phases we can’t explain, and need a little extra contact.  Speaking from experience, my DD2 (17 months) has gone through weeks at a time where she feeds constantly and I get no sleep (we do co-sleep)—I am talking about 10 or 12 times a night—but then she settles back into only waking once or twice.  At the moment, I could probably quite easily put her in a crib for the night and only get up twice at most; we choose to co-sleep because we all like it and it works for our family, but I *think* there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to do it for a few weeks and then get her re-adjusted to her crib.

As I said, though, I’ve no evidence for this other than my own two children, so maybe someone else has conflicting but more expert advice, I don’t know.

my answer would be quite similar to preets. if co sleeping settles her, i would be inclined to do that for the time being. we also cosleep with our 18 month old and he wakes up up to 10 times a night some nights, and others a little less. but the thought of physically having to get up to where he is sleeping makes it seem a lot more exhausting than it can be. i dont have many other suggestions as i feel that babies do go through phases, and tiredness is unfortunately just part of it. and there are only ever 2 options, to make a change, or continue as it is. the change part entirely depends on you and what you feel comfortable with. as you have already said cc (i can assume that means controlled crying?) isnt what you would hope for, then perhaps cosleeping for now is the best solution so you can get a litle bit more rest?

teething can be a real cause of night waking and my 18 month old sometimes feeds for the majority of the night when a tooth is pushing against the gum. once it has split through he settles down a bit.

lots of love,  x

Thanks for the reassurance.  Its kind of outside influence making me think I’m getting her into a habit.  She’s getting harder to get down for naps during the day even when she’s tired, so I was a little concerned, but I was more of the opinion its just a phase and the cosleeping was best for now.  Guess I’m just missing my cuddles of DH!  I guess I should try and structure her day time sleeps a bit more maybe, but I don’t think she sleeps too much during the day, just a couple of hours.  Ah well, anyway, thanks for the feedback x

Mother to Harry (6) and Oliver (4) and Hannah who arrived at 5.57pm on Friday 10th May 2013 - our new blog, Three Little Monkeys

Thank you for all the answers. It helped a lot.

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