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So how about a summer full of some amazing meet up
My idea, have a person in as many areas as possible, set up a day, time, place etc
Post on here and we create a summer of fun
Are weekends better, so the whole family can come and children that are at school ?
Saturday or Sunday ?
Thought a local park, nature reserve place, keep costs down, bring picnics, cake to share ?

Happy to sort lincs/notts, how do we fancy Rufford in June ?

One Happy Mama

Lets Number - 3

Anyone in Wiltshire? I’m in Salisbury if anyone fancies a meet up around here in the summer? My children are in school so unless it is during end of July/August it would need to be at the weekend for us.
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Oh yes mama4 - always up for a Rufford day. During week or weekend fine by us!

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Hi Mamauk,

A meet up would be good.  We are Bristol/Bath so Salisbury would not be that far away.  Our little one is also in school so would have to either do holiday or weekend.

as always- if we are free we’ll be there in Lincolnshire/ Notts. Also, anyone in the Berkshire area who wants to organise something as my parents are there so I could co-ordinate going to visit them with meeting up with you all?

We’d be interested in Rufford, haven’t been there in years and it’s not too far from derby for a day out smile
We’d also be interested in anything in Derbyshire or possibly East Yorkshire as my parents live there so, same as Emily’s-mum, could combine a trip smile
Sorry but I’m can’t offer to organise anything myself at the moment as we are struggling going from day to day at the moment as the pixies keep sharing bugs on repeat :( But what a lovely idea smile

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