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Please could you tell me what vegetarian dishes are your kids favourites?

I do not eat meat, my son eats very little but my DH and DD are real meat eaters! As a family we are committed to consuming less meat but my DD is very fussy about vegatables and sauces and all sorts.

Winning veggie ideas please! Really yummy veggie burger recipies maybe or a good veggie pasty recipe out there?

(ones she loves are my homemade pizza, pesto pasta, macaroni cheese. She dislikes tomato based sauces, but does like pastry)

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Snap! I came on to ask the same question!! Mainly for me and Ds2 but dd may well like them too as she barely eats meat. x

Mine go mad for sweetcorn fritters….

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My boys really like to eat dhal or veg curry with chapati, they like to help make the chapati too which helps!! We also sometimes use paneer cheese in our veg curry which is very tasty too ( it needs to be fried a little first but then just add to anything ), or how about veg/halloumi kebabs? xx

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We love these:

We also absolutely adore this:
It’s the most amazing comfort food!
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I make quick bean burgers with a can/carton of beans, onion, garlic and herbs or spices to flavour.  You can also make really tasty burgers with chickpeas although I find the dried chickpeas make better burgers than the canned for some reason.  They are usually very soft and prone to disintegrate so I usually cook them in the oven rather than frying.

Glamorgan sausages are also tasty and always eaten here, never any left at the end of a meal.  If you Google Glamorgan sausages you will find loads of recipes.  I always cook mine in the oven rather than frying.

You can make fritters with pretty much any vegetable, you can find some recipes here  wink

I make pasties with fillings such as curried lentils, spicy potato, spinach and feta, and leek and blue cheese.  I use frozen puff pastry, the blocks, I divide the block into nine pieces and roll out to make.  I usually cook them and freeze them and take them out as we need them.

Thanks for the great ideas! I’m going to start with the veg/halloumi kebabs & go from there with a new one each week of what you’ve suggested! Here’s hoping!:D

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

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