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Got fed up with repeating myself on Facebook over this “selfie” campaign, so I ranted on my blog about it - here: . Just thought it might be of interest to some….

Angie Sea Glass Jewellery from the beautiful South Coast[/color] , Nannie Cool - for beautiful slings, playsilks, toys, nappy wraps and accessories made by Grace’s Nannie. All designs are “Approved by Grace”

I thought they were rather silly, and just dismissed them, hadn’t thought it through. So reading your post made me think. Well said Angie! I wholeheartedly agree!

Love, sunshinexx


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I could not agree more Angie. You articulated how I feel about it perfectly! Thank you for sharing.


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Can’t see it, Angie - did you take it down or is because your blog’s private?  Or am I just having a techy problem?

I had just finished reading your blog entry as someone had liked it on Facebook, I couldn’t agree more and my newsfeed is now also full of people attempting to make anyone who does not participate feel like they are a bad person. I find the notion of a make up free ‘selfie’ rediculous, for the reasons you posted about and many more, thank you for sharing

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Roof, neither of the above (as far as I know…). Guess it must be a problem your end?

Angie Sea Glass Jewellery from the beautiful South Coast[/color] , Nannie Cool - for beautiful slings, playsilks, toys, nappy wraps and accessories made by Grace’s Nannie. All designs are “Approved by Grace”

I cant see the post on your blog either:(

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Angie/roof/PicnicInTheWoods ~ the link is missing .html at the end ~ if you add that on it will open.

Just finished reading it. I don’t really do Facebook but my man mentioned this too me last night asking (to paraphrase): ‘What the hell has that got to do with breast cancer?!’ My guess was it was just a pointless gimmick. Couldn’t help but think ‘Sheesh! Yet another advert for the annoying notion that women should wear make up…’ Anyhoo… Thought you raised some very valid points, Angie. Well said!

Has anyone attempted an explanation for what the link to breast cancer actually is?


Ok read it now, easiest thing is just to go to the blog link at bottom of Angie’s page and then scroll down.

Interesting post Angie. I was seeing all the selfies and couldn’t work out why it was bothering me & also I couldn’t get the link to breast cancer. I was really hoping no-one would nominate me, because I knew I was not/am not going to post a selfie & that would have made me feel selfish.

Having read your post, I think the ‘make-up’ free part of it is a bit insulting:(

However I suppose the other side is that any awareness is good? and also guess everyones motives are good too, y’know hearts in the right place kind of thing.

Interested to see that on my wall this morn is a make-up free selfie of someone I know who’s had breast cancer, she has nominated lots of people & so she obviously doesn’t find it offensive.

Still not posting myself though! I donate to cancer research every month and have done so for 15 years.

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

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I don’t really do Facebook and haven’t done a ‘selfie’ but I can’t say I am worked up about it one way or another. There are a lot of charities out there and it does mean people have to chose which ones to donate to. If a cancer charity can raise their profile for a short while through something like this and in doing so raise (so the papers say) over one million pound I can see why they would go with it. People may not donate again for a while but perhaps that because they will then chose another charity so their money is spread around a number of good causes. Some people going through cancer will understandably find something like this difficult but equally others may view it as a sign of solidarity (there are some woman who rely on their make up and will find it difficult to manage without being groomed during periods of treatment). And perhaps by doing a selfie some people who lack self esteem will realise they maybe don’t need as much paint on their faces after all! As I say its not for me and I am not trying to play devils advocate I just cant see there is too much harm in it. Xx

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I am glad Im not the only one to think that. Very well written!

It did have an effect though - £2 million raised! xx

Initially I thought this was really weird, especially as my FB friends who participated don’t normally wear makeup!  Most of them have some connection to cancer, either a family member or close friend etc so for them it means something.  Once I realized that this was a fundraiser rather than a “spread awareness” campaign I thought why not?  There are loads of things I probably don’t agree with in theory, but hey, if even a few pounds are raised then who am I to judge?  I don’t agree with the economic theory that it will not be beneficial if it is just short term, I do think several million pounds (which according to the media/cancer charity has been raised as a result) is a huge amount towards researching cancer causes and treatments, and even if it is a short term injection then I feel surely that is a step forward?

I have seen across a few forums people getting into quite a flap over this, and blanket statements such as “it is offensive to people with cancer” are being flung around.  People with cancer are not a homogeneous mass, they are individuals from a broad spectrum of different ways of life, so to me that statement is a bit silly.  I know several cancer survivors who are nominating people to do the selfies.

The “cock in a sock” pics that I was subjected to in my newsfeed tonight are a different matter, but each to their own!

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