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Firstly, I have to say one thing - throwing them out is not an option!!

I am looking for some advice from any rose experts out there please. I have several roses in pots that need some massive tlc but people keep telling me different things so I don’t quite know what to do. Some of the pots have been forgotten since we moved a couple of years ago and are full of grass and weeds and some very sad roses. They need repotting and given a chance to recover.

How would you go about it? How much would you chop off and what would you add to the soil to give them a boost?  I have access to HUGE amounts of well rotted horse poo, but MIL told me not to use it ohh This threw me as I thought it would be just the stuff… I admit to not being great at pruning anything as I’m always scared that I will chop too much off and ruin the plant…

Halp meh!  gulp

Trying to do everything - failing madly!

Being constantly & lovingly educated by daughter Freya, 19 cheese

From my experience, this is good advice  I wouldn’t call myself an expert but I haven’t managed to kill any of my roses, despite some pretty rough treatment.  I do prune some of mine hard, but mine are all bush roses that can take that.  Other sorts of rose need less rigiorous cutting as they flower on last years growth. 

Gardener’s World is a good place to go.  They have a forum.

Oh that’s great, thank you!

It says you CAN use horse poo! Fab! LOL

Trying to do everything - failing madly!

Being constantly & lovingly educated by daughter Freya, 19 cheese

I just want to add quickly that the people that owned our house before did all their planting in pots that they then buried.  Their roses, too.  There were a couple in the front yard that were just really sad looking I whacked this fall.  Whacked all the way to just below the soil surface.  I was worried that I’d killed them, but they’re growing again. 

I’ve decided that roses are pretty tough beasts!  Hopefully they’ll look better this year, and I can control them a little more.

I hadn’t thought about re-potting them, but this method of subterranean potting seems to result in shattered (if clay) or blown out (if plastic) pots.  It does not make for nice gardening, and generally does not contain the plant (just in case anyone was wondering).  I don’t recommend it.

Good luck with your roses!  May they bloom abundantly!

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