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Any natural remedies for mastitis? Asking for a friend…

Many thanks

Mum to two boys, Roan (Nov 08) and Jude (Oct 11) and a little girl, Amalie (Jan 14). Trying to parent as gently and lovingly as I can.

savoy cabbage leaf tucked in your bra - amazing, soothing, healing…
Replace when they get warm and floppy (the leaves not her boobs!)

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Second what Starchild said. Hugs. x


mummy to dd(15), ds1(12) and ds2 (5)

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Dangle feeding (baby on bed, mum on all fours over the baby), and feeding lots from the affected side.


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I agree with Angie, feed lots from the affected side. I got mastitis frequently with #2, and was always flat out in bed with fever.  No dangle feeding for me in that situation, and I’ve never tried the cabbage leaf (although I’ve heard it works well).  Whatever she does in addition, just nurse through it- that’s what always worked well for me.

I hope she feels better soon!!!!

SAHM to DS- 10/08 and DD 11/10

Thanks everyone! Have passed on tips!

Mum to two boys, Roan (Nov 08) and Jude (Oct 11) and a little girl, Amalie (Jan 14). Trying to parent as gently and lovingly as I can.

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