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I am co sleeping with my 14 week old daughter, it’s the first time I have co slept so working a few things out as we go along. Have got the hang of feeding lying down although it is not totally comfortable. My problem is that she wants to either feed or be latched on ALL night, and this stops proper sleep for me. Any tips? Thank you!

Mum to two boys, Roan (Nov 08) and Jude (Oct 11) and a little girl, Amalie (Jan 14). Trying to parent as gently and lovingly as I can.

Hi, ds2 wanted physical contact constantly for the first few months and although not ideal and not recommended, I did actually sleep with him in a bump panel worn up over my chest with him tucked in it (I think I mentioned it to you the other day?). It probably wouldn’t help you sleep though but I actually slept better with him laying on my chest as although I slept I was very concious of his breathing/movements so I actually slept better than if he was next to me. When he started getting bigger it got more uncomfortable so he had to go next to me but I made sure I always had a hand touching him or I’d sleep with my knees up so his feet rested on them. Anything so that my skin was touching him.

Not sure if it will work but worth a go. We had skin to skin for at least the first 4 months virtually non stop as I carried him in a sling in the day and slept attached at night too. The benefit is, that once he started moving, he was SO much more confident and content than my other two who weren’t carried and had less skin to skin.

Amalie’s very teeny tiny still so she probably just needs the reassurance of needing to feel your skin in the way she knows how.

Not sure how much help that was. x x x

I have a whole load of ideas about what I could say but really, it’s all about what works for you both.  If you can’t sleep, she might need to be a bit further away, a co-sleeper or pod that keeps you close.  I found I had some contact with Neddie all the time.  After 6 weeks with my youngest, I gave him a dummy.  This was after feeling I’d failed my daughter by giving her one at 3 days old.  But he was crying constantly or feeding, day and night.  And now I don’t regret it.  He farted out a loud of wind and fell asleep.  That was when we all started sleeping better together.  We do what works for us.

Go with your gut.  You know that there are never too many cuddles, especially in those early days.

Thanks guys for your help, it’s really useful x

Mum to two boys, Roan (Nov 08) and Jude (Oct 11) and a little girl, Amalie (Jan 14). Trying to parent as gently and lovingly as I can.

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