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Finally bought our complete pack to go reusable.
But out of excitement I didn’t order any washing powders.
I’m getting one size pocket nappies with bamboo inserts, am I right to think that I can wash the nappies on 60 (can this be lower?) and would surcare non bio washing powder be good for it?
And bamboo inserts should be washed with my normal load? It’s all so confusing!
And what do I wash those with??
I know softener is an absolute no no but I’m lost right now lol thanks allot in advance smile

My two have been out of nappies for a loooooooooong time now, but I just put the dirty ones (poo shaken off/ flushed off down the loo) into a lidded bucket. When the bucket was full I would tip the lot in the machine with ecover or those washing ball things, sometimes a bit of tea tree or vinegar and do a 40degree wash with extra rinse and spin, occasionally I would do a really hot wash but only every month or two. No conditioner, bamboo dries really fast too.
Hopefully someone will have some more current instructions,

I know biological powder can be bad for bamboo, but apart from that normal washing stuff is fine. No vinegar or anything like that (bleach etc.) because it can affect the modern nappies. We put ours in with liquid non bio (dissolves quicker at lower temps) but powder has worked fine when we didn’t have anything else. The temp depends on the age of the baby. Under six months -wash at 60 to kill bugs (but no higher as modern nappies are a bit more delicate), or if two babies are sharing, some recommend washing at 60 to prevent cross contamination. Other than that, 40 is fine, but again some say wash at 60 every now and again to prevent them becoming musty etc. (i have never had this issue but we line dry as much as poss so maybe that helps). The Nappy Lady has a good info section with lots of advice.

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