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Please help!!!

i think i may have a gluten intolerance. Symptoms are IBS symptoms after eating something with wheat, very painful headache, craving more of wheat based food. I already have an auto immune condition which i now see may be attributed to a gluten intolerance. Anyone who is GF, how did you start eliminating when others in your house eat gluten? Any others tips gratefully received.

Sorry Gem,just wrote a long response and lost it.grrr.
Basically about a month ago i gave up wheat (not gluten) for 3 weeks as i wanted to see if it would make a differece for me.I often felt bloated and lathargic after eating wheat and itchy skin sometimes and headaches.It did definitely make a diffrence,probably not as big a difference as I had thought it would-but maybe I needed to give it up for longer than 3 weeks for that to happen. But have come to the conclussion that im better off without it but not completely intoerant.which is a relief as like you I would find it hard when the rest of the house hold are eating it and they wouldnt be happy to give it up.Also I make my own bread and have been making rice and rye bread for myself but becomes hard to make 2 different types all the time and nobody else would be happy to eat these on a regular basis.The other thing I have found it it is more expensive (rice pasta is 3 times the price of wheat,tamari is more expensive than soya sauce etc etc.) and it is in so many things you wouldnt think of.

I would suggest you give it a go and see how it makes you feel.Maybe do it for a month or 6 weeks initially.
good luck x

Mummy to 4

Hi, I would suggest before you go gluten free that you have a test for Coeliacs disease. Coeliacs is an auto immune condition and from what I have read once you have one it is more likely you will discover others. The blood test for coeliacs requires you to have eaten gluten for a number of weeks to get a true result. There is more to coeliacs than just cutting out gluten like cross contamination and related health problems to consider.

Having coeliacs myself I would recommend anyone who thinks they are having gluten related problems to ask for the blood test.

Sorry that doesn’t help with the diet side of things.

Mommy of a gorgeous little boy born Nov 2012 My new blog, mainly for my husband to see our adventures

I’d totally agree with F&H.  I’m gluten free and have been for about 15 yrs.  I have not been diagnosed coeliac (although I now know there is a strong family history) as I cut gluten without seeing the gp and have had no test.  As my alleged IBS was so bad that I’d been rushed to hospital a couple of times and my gp had suggested exploratory surgery, I was desperate and came off gluten with the help of a nutritional therapist.  Within a couple of days I felt lots better, I lost 7lbs in 1st week and another 7lb the next 3 wks and after that month I never had the ‘IBS’ symptoms again and had so much more energy.

But, I used a nutritional therapist, but things are a lot easier these days as there are gf foods in most supermarkets and things are really well labelled.  Get some books out the library and think through how you will eat what you ate this week - what can you just eat, what can you easily change (eg gf toast instead of normal, gf pasta, etc), what might you have to give up (I’ve never had good gf naan bread).  Look at the labels of processed foods, you’ll be amazed by how much gluten goes into simple stuff like some soy sauces and in things like cornflakes.  Then plan what you need to buy. 

Really stick to it though, don’t do it a bit, then fall off the wagon, really commit to change for a month or so.  Everyone who preps food in your house will need to know you’re gf and you will need to use a clean knife for all gluten bread spreading (ie for us, if a knife is going on gluten toast, then a clean knife is dipped in the jar,then spread on the bread, if more spread / butter / jam / houmous is needed or another slice, then a new knife is got out and used).  We have one shelf for ‘gluteny’ foods (flour, pasta, ‘normal’ oats, things that could get mixed up or spread their gluteniness around and we keep gluten bread and bics in seperate containers from my stuff.  For easiness (though not cheapness or for taste) we all have gf pasta rather than cooking 2 diff sorts of pasta.  I’m well chuffed that you can now get gf oats and I don’t react to them - porridge and granola for the 1st time in about 13 yrs yum smile

Good luck, I could never go back.  My gp suggested I eat gluten foods for 2 weeks and then get tested for coeliac disease as there was a strong possibility that I’m coeliac.  I couldn’t ever do that, the difference between then and now is so strong and I’d prob end up in hospital, but if you are still eating gluten then it’s worth getting tested.


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