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I’ve just read Hedge Witch by Rae Beth. Having first researched Paganism & witchcraft when I was 14, it’s always been on my mind but never taken very far. I’m searching for my beliefs atm, or else what I mean is, I have a set of very firm beliefs & I’m searching for something more concrete to give structure to what I believe. Don’t know if that makes sense. Something is missing from my life, and also I think from my children’s and I think its cos my spirituality is so wishy washy.

I was raised Church of England. My DH was raised Catholic. Our children are both baptised. My DD should have had her First Holy Communion this summer, but I didn’t feel right about it. None of us go to church except at Easter and Christmas. Myself & DH chose a simple marriage ceremony in a registry office, though we did have a poem written for us which acknowledged God in our lives. See, bit mixed up!!!

So, I’ve always had this calling towards Paganism, so I thought now feels like the right time to at least find out more and see how I feel. I am also researching more about Christianity as another possible avenue. When I was a child, my younger sister asked me what God was & my explanation fits very much with Paganism. My explanation was just something I felt to be the truth, or at least my truth. When I then recently read Hedge Witch, I felt it really reflected my beliefs. However, I feel very put off by all the rituals. I do want meaningful traditions as a family, infact we celebrate most of the stuff in the pagan year already & I would like to expand this. But the rituals she describes are not ‘family friendly’, they are more personal & as the title of the book suggests, are for the solitary witch.

When I say I’m ‘put off’ by the rituals, I mean they are so complex. I cannot see myself being organised enough to do them, well not right now, at this point in my life.

So I need some suggestions of what to read next! I think the ‘craft’ part is something I do feel drawn to but I need to come back to. What I want is family friendly pagan traditions, suggestions & perhaps more on the history of paganism.

So, ideas please, if this makes any sense at all!!!

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

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Hi,the beautiful part of paganism in a family is you can develop your own rituals and traditions based around the wheel of the year,. For books, I love “celebrating the great mother” by Cait Johnson and Maura D Shaw, loads of ideas which can be adapted to any age group. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions about what we get up to here!

‘Circle round’ is a great book for families-I think it is by Starhawk.x

Mummy to 4

Pagan Paths by Pete Jennings was the first book I read, followed by Hedgewitch and pretty much everything written by Kate West.  Her books are amazing, they give you ideas for celebrations and how to create your own rituals to fit in with your lifestyle.  The Modern Pagan is reasonable but I found it a bit preachy in places (ie, don’t wear make up, don’t use conventional medicine etc).  There are also loads of facebook pages that celebrate the various forms of paganism.  Good luck in your journey

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Have you thought about exploring Quakerism at all? I’m a Quaker and grew up in a Quaker family and I know that there are often Buddhist Quakers and Pagan Quakers etc. Here’s an article from 2008 asking if Quakers are going Pagan:
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Notes on a Waldorf inspired family life:

Thanks all, that’s given me some leads to go on! Very excited to be finding my spiritual home, whichever path that may be…

To dare is to lose ones footing temporarily, to not dare is to lose oneself.

LETS number 137

Watching this with interest as I too struggle with ritual and set wording :/ currently studying with Danu Forest and enjoying finding my own way and what feels right.


Well as someone who is jumping back onto the pagan path after having my little one it can all be a little overwhelming and I’ve been ‘pagan’ since I was 13!

First thing I would advise is don’t look to find a path or a specific label of what you are. Enjoy the journey so to speak.

Is it a religious structure you want or just something that reflects your beliefs which might not be religious at all. For example, you might just believe in the power of the earth and that you can connect into that, if that’s so you could look into witchcraft. Or maybe you believe that everything has an energy and a spirit so you lean more towards animism.

If you are interested in paganism I strongly recommend looking at this site it gives you lots of information on all the different paths that fall under the umbrella of paganism.

In terms of authors, I personally like the books by Marian Green, she does relate elements back to the God/Goddess but she also has a focus on the elements.

The best advise I was given was to read. Read lots of books on all sort of subjects, I’ve gone from eclectic pagan, to wicca, to pantheism. Also question it all, read and question, how does what you’ve read fit in with you, do you like the idea that they are promoting?

This is a good forum and it’s UK based which is nice!

Anyway those are just my thoughts. Hope they help a bit. smile


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