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... if you need another reason to sign, this petition was started by a mother of 6 and she has been invited to go to Europe to speak about it smile

This is important because consumers are currently unable to easily differentiate between clothing that is made under ethical circumstances, where workers are paid a living wage and work in a safe environment, and clothing that is made by people who are exploited, abused, unfairly paid, overworked, exposed to hazardous chemicals and unable to form a collective.

This recent documentary exposed ongoing violence and abuse in a Bangladeshi sweatshop - these conditions are common throughout the garment manufacturing industry.

We label our eggs “free range” or “caged” so consumers can make an informed choice about what they’re buying, we need to do the same with our clothes.

Garment industry workers who work in sweatshops are slaves. They have no power to improve their circumstances and often no alternative employment.

Fashion should be fun and fair. Our desire to look good should not result in vulnerable people in the third world being forced into enduring poverty, unsafe work environments and pay which isn’t enough to live on.

Please support this petition to make a stand for the nameless, faceless people (mainly women and children) who are trapped in exploitative garment manufacturing work.

Please support this petition so that High Street retailers are unable to continue using sweatshops and being deliberately ambiguous about their ethical standards.

Please support this petition for the people who died in Rana Plaza, those who died in Tazreen, those who died in Garib & Garib, and those who died in smaller, unreported tragedies.

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