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As its says in the title!  I used Motherease with my daughter and they were fantastic; with my little boy, despite boosters….ah, he just doesn’t get on with them.  He’s quite a big lad and I don’t mind changing often but managing two hours would be a good start smile

thank you x

I liked a Bambooty bamboo nappy for bedtime - they do special night time nappies. They do look a bit bulky compared to motherease and longer to dry but they have funky patterns. Otherwise a pocket nappy with a range of boosters, terry and bamboo. Mother ease would only do daytime for mine.

I also had heavy wetting boys - I used to put them in a nappy when they went to bed, then change them in their sleep when I went to bed a few hours later.

hope that helps.

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Thank you, yes, its good to hear of other peoples experiences with cloth.  I’ve been looking at little lamb pocket nappies as they do a range of extra duty boosters and I can at least add/take away as needed!  I’ll check out the Bambooty too x

I think the nappy is less important than the boosters personally - bamboo is more thirsty than the cotton boosters that come with motherease, and hemp is thirstier still. Apparently charcoal boosters ate superb too.

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