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I’ve spent 10 years in the south west and built up a lovely network of like-minded mamas.  Obviously having moved only 12 weeks ago or so I’m not best placed to have worked up a new group but as a SAHM I’m going a little bit mad and would dearly love to catch up with any kindred spirits.  I know friendships take time to grow and I keep a place in my heart for my beautiful ladies down south.  Can I admit to feeling a bit isolated right now?  I’m based in a lovely village just outside Penrith. 


We live in North Lancashire, there is a lovely network on Home Ed families around Penrith, we go up to the odd event.  There is a facebook group called Home Education Cumbria Otherwise. If your children go to school I expect you’ll begin to meet people at the school gates.  This place kind of bridges both worlds as they do groups for schooled and HE children.

Thank you!  I really appreciate the response x

I live in a small village near Penrith too….....where are you?

sustainablemum - I’m in Langwathby x

I will PM you

I have envy! I lived in Lancaster until quite a few years ago and loved to day-trip to your area. Myself and a close friend used to take our (then) little ones to Long Meg and then to the Watermill at Little Salkeld. We would have soup and cake for lunch there, and buy flour to take home to make bread the next day. It was one of our favourite days out?

I have a card with a lovely earthy saying on it stuck up in my kitchen as I write - it came from the Mill!

I would so love to go back there…

Hope you are happy there xxx

Trying to do everything - failing madly!

Being constantly & lovingly educated by daughter Freya, 19 cheese

Ah!  Crystalmummy - the mill at Little Salkeld is just lovely.  One of the first trips we did on getting here was up at Long Meg; a magical place smile We are so fortunate to be in such beautiful surroundings and this sustains me when I’m feeling a bit low about things.  I think its tricky when well established somewhere to start again, but I have no doubt that over the coming months I will start to feel more settled

Thank you


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