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Hi, I’m Rachel . Not been on the forum in a while so I thought I’d reintroduce my self smile.  I’ve recently moved to Croydon from Scotland with my Dh and our 3 daughters.  Felt like I’d fallen off the green wagon for a while but now I’m back and fully embracing a green lifestyle, from cloth nappies to using vinegar for nearly everything!

Rach xx smile

Hi Rachel,

Nice to see you again! Funny how things go in cycles, I’ve not been very green lately either, and am slowly trying to get back. My next thing is going to try to reduce plastic bottles for shampoo and body wash. I read that Lush do shampoo bars, so when my current shampoo has finished I’ll try one of those. And I’m going to buy bar soap instead of hand soap in a pump thingy. That’s the plan!

What’s you next green move?

Love, Sunshinexx


(Lets number 63)

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