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Mama’s…we still have weeks of hot summer sun and my salads are limping to the finish line…inspire me with your favourite salad ‘recipe’s’ please?! I hate cooking in the heat, our kitchen gets sun all day and is super hot even without the oven on, and I’m getting a bit bored of salad now…

TIA xx

Cooled cooked beetroot sliced with goats cheese or feta and salad leaves, adding blanched green beans now too as we have them on the allotment, and vinaigrette dressing.

Courgettes are coming now so it will be either sliced griddled and with beetroot and feta/goats cheese as above… or raw and cut thin in ribbons with a veg peeler in a lemon/oil/vinegar/mint and parsley dressing.

Mmmm salivating now! I get bored of courgettes easily, as they’re always either growing so abundantly or cheap all year round anyway…we haven’t grown any this year but those both sound delicious ways of eating them. Feta and beetroot - even yummier still, that’s almost a week’s worth of salads already - thank you!

My favourite salad at the moment is grated carrot, beetroot, mooli (the big, long radish-like vegetable), sliced cucumber and homemade sprouts. It’s great with just a little olive oil and gomazio (ground toasted sesame seeds and salt).

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We love beetroot and feta salad here too smile.  I make mine with rocket leaves as it grows like a weed in my garden. 

Also loving
homemade coleslaw,
red cabbage, feta and walnut salad,
broad bean, mint and feta salad,
Couscous salad with whatever I have in fridge in it…..
Mushroom and salad onion (sounds horrible but with a dressing of olive oil, cider vinegar, garlic crushed and mixed herbs it is divine)
Red rice salad with feta, rocket, salad onion, onion and a balsamic vinegar dressing
Bean salad made with three types of dried beans soaked and cooked and green beans

I am sure there are more just can’t think of them right now!

Mmmm, lovely, thank you both! I was lazy today and bought a chilli noodle and bean salad on the way home from the beach, was delicious so I’m going to have a go at making that one too!

I like a German potato salad, made with gherkins, cucumber and capers.

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