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I think a few of you forage? Are there any good books/websites you’d recommend for a beginner? My plant identification isn’t bad, but I know nothing about foraging and don’t know nearly enough to forage safely. Thanks smile

Hi there - Food for free by Richard Maybe and A cook on the wild side by Hugh Fearnley Whatsit are two great classics ...
Happy hunting smile

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I love the idea of foraging but am nervous doing it because no matter how good the book is, I *might* be wrong! There are some which show you look-alike plants too, I think they are a good idea. You need one which breaks down the plants parts for identifiation, I think I saved some somewhere I will have a look. For example, there may be 2 plants that look identical but can be distinguished by something so small, like how many sepals etc.

Most of the things I read suggest starting on a forgaing course, they crop up quite regularly here and aren’t expensive just for the day, but haven’t managed to get on one yet.

This is the one I pinned, but it was last year so can’t remember quite how this won over the others!:

And Richard Mabeys too. Nettles and dandelions are the two things I’m most happy foraging for!

HTH xx

You could also try Alys Fowler’s ‘The Thrifty Forager’ smile

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