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Hey, my name isNicole. I’m 21 and I’m currently pregnant, I’ll be 22 by the time my little onecomes along. My baby is due on the 26th of Nov 2014. I’m engaged to a wonderfulman who is thrilled, as am I, about having our first child. We’ve chosen not tofind out the gender till it’s born. I live in a village near Stirling inScotland and my partner plans on moving in with me within the next few months.I work as a nanny but that will be coming to an end when my baby is born as Iwant to take a year to be its primary care giver. My partner works in an Asdawarehouse and he will be supporting us after I leave my job.

I’ve joined this forum to meet other expectant mothers or people who alreadyhave children that support and encourage the natural parenting lifestyle. For along time all things natural have applied to me and I see no reason not to makethat a part of my babies life as well.

I would like to get to know some people on here around my age who live in thesame sort of area as me. We can chat and then if we become friend’s maybe meetup and have play dates with the kids. I would love to create a network offriends with kids that share the same parenting outlook as me, so we can helpand support each other.

So don’t be shy, drop me a message and lets chit chat :D

I’m a lot older, living in lincolnshire with my 10 and 8 year olds and DH; there is lots of combined knowledge and mothering wisdom to be found on this forum,

Your post sounds like my life! I was working as a nanny when I met my (now) husband, and I fell pregnant before we were even living together, and now he works for Asda! smile

Welcome to the forum!

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Hi and welcome to the forum! I’m in North Devon so a bit of a way from you! I’ve got two girls aged 6 and 2 with bump due in October smile

Croeso Welcome smile I live in Wales but nice to meet and greet you online

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Thank you for all the welcomes :D x

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