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Hi, we have a weeride kangaroo bike seat for dd which fits between my saddle and the handlebars; we’ve had so much fun with it as we can chat and point things out as we whizz along. Now though B is nearly 5 and while she’s still within the recommended weight limit she’s a bit too tall, her legs get a bit cramped and her head is uncomfortably close to my chin!

She is learning to ride her own bike but even so, the cycle path network around here is pathetic, they disappear then reappear on the road for a few metres before disappearing again, and there is no straightforward way to get to any of the places we would want to go so I can’t imagine letting her loose once she is riding!
I’m thinking of getting a tag-along, but wonder how hard they are to ride? I would miss our chats though! :(
Ideally I would love a cargo bike but they are just so expensive!

Any recommendations?

We had a tag a long for a while both my children loved it and found it really easy to ride.  Not sure what make it was as we have just sold it!  confused

Tag along- can be hard work I found, heavy, and tricky to attach/detach (had one but hardly used it). Makes bike very long- hard to store in our garage.
At that age mine were cycling on the pavement with either me on pavement too (if no pedestrians) or cycling on road along side, friend’s 4 year old is doing this now on long-ish journeys around town.They always wear hi-vis vest and helmet.

My friend just recommended a Trail-gator to me - that allows freedom to cycle where acre and convert to a tagalong when not - they look great!

a trailgator is fab..easy to fit and you can cycle to your destination and then un-hitch so the child can ride their bike about themselves..DS learned to ride his 2 wheeler when he was 3 but I didn’t feel at all comfortable going out for a family cycle with him ‘off leash’..he simply wasnt mature the trailgator filled the gap till he was a bit bigger and i trusted him more!

happy mummy at last to DD born March 2006..and DS born sept 2007..wonderful fabulous gifts. living as green as possible but always striving to be better!home edding and loving it!

LETS no 116

Have a look at a weehoo’s they are fab

Thanks all. The Weehoo is a strange beast! One of my concerns about tag-along/trail gator was the difference in comfort from her lovely padded weeride seat to a narrow bike seat over distance, but this addresses that! I’m guessing it’s not cheap though :-s
I think I just don’t like the idea of her being behind me and low down - dh wouldn’t contemplate a trailer when she was little for that reason….anyone know where I can pick up a bakfiets for, oooooh, buttons?!?! Since we bought a car we’re getting lazy! :-(

Stargazy, call up the company I linked to and they should help with any concerns about safety. We have used the Weehoo for long journeys on very busy roads and it is fab. (i wasn’t cycling though. raspberry) You can also hire them.

My DDs are 4 and 6 and big cycles next to me on the path while small is attached to me via a Follow-Me (again not cheap but has been through two children and once DD2 is riding independently we will move nephew down from his cycle seat) and DD1 can attach and unattach the bike its that simple. DD1 can mange 12 miles a day riding independently and has never complained of a sore bum.

Learning from my beautiful daughters everyday

We do not own the world, we borrow it for a while from our children

Thanks - another weird looking contraption! And I see it was reviewed in GP and I probably read it and promptly forgot hmmm
I can’t choose between these! I like the idea of being able to attach her own bike to save having to buy twice (her own bike and a trailer bike) but the weehoo looks more comfy…aaaaargh! :-D

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