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Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of any groups that are being run in the central belt (Scotland) that I could go along to and meet some new people. I really would like to make some new friends that share the same parenting style as me.

If you run or know of any groups could you please leave me the information for them or a link if they have a web site?

Thank you

Nicole x

Hi. I’m from SE England so can’t give any recommendations but just did a quick search on FB and found a central Scotland Home Ed page… not sure if you intend to HE? (Ok, possibly a tiny bit too early to decide on that one!!)

Also mum’s in central scotland..

Also, if you go to there are local pages on there you could ask on too.

I hope someone comes along soon to answer your query. x x x x

Thank you Skye-Blu, Yeh I’ve put a post up on naturalmamas as well but no luck there yet. Thank you for replying :D x

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