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I was hoping someone here on this lovely forum could share their experiences with bedwetting.

My son is 7 years and he wets the bed every other night and sometimes every night.  I think the longest he has been dry is three or four nights in a row.

He wasn’t always a bedwetter, it started when we moved house and school in the space of two weeks November 2012. It was then he started wetting the bed. We only moved ten minutes down the road in London and the school we moved him to he knew as he used to go to pre-school there and come with his child minder to pick up other children.  We didn’t think much of it as it was understandable, he was settling in etc but now he is settled in, the house is looking nice (it was a wreck when we moved in so we have done a lot of renovation).
21 months on and he still wets the bed and we simply do not know what to do.  I am open for stories and suggestions from all directions.  Sometimes I even think there is something about the house that has caused this change.  But I really don’t know….

Thanks in advance..!!

We had issues with our daughter when we moved house when she was 6. She went through a phase of wetting shortly after the move. What we did, at my Mum’s suggestion having gone through something similar with my youngest sister, was to take her to the loo when we were going to bed. They are still half asleep and if you speak gently and quietly the disturbance isn’t too great - Freya didn’t ever properly wake up and went straight back to sleep again. It might seem mean to half wake them like this, but they are usually quite deeply asleep anyway, but will wee if you tell them that’s what they are to do. And it is nowhere near as bad as the disturbance of being woken by your own cold wee on your skin in your wet bed.
It’s a suggestion anyway.

Trying to do everything - failing madly!

Being constantly & lovingly educated by daughter Freya, 19 cheese

Hi there,

My son has also recently been through a spell of bed wetting. I found that taking him to the toilet regularly during the day worked for him. He’d recently gone through various changes, and our usual routine went downhill really. I took some advice and was asked to look at his toilet routine during the day. After prompts every couple of hours, which at time required persuasion, he was dry. Think there’s sometimes the issue of children not emptying their bladder fully during the day which can also contribute to bed wetting. It worked for me, but I certainly remember how stressful it was for my son so completely sympathise!

Hope all works itself out soon!


hi thanks for replies. we take him to the loo before we go to bed every night but tbh he is getting heavy and he is in the top bunk so it’s tricky. He also of course goes to the loo before he goes to bed.  It’s like he doesn’t really notice that he is wet. i also think he is a heavy sleeper so he really doesn’t wake up.  I wonder if we should take him to the doctor but part of me thinks what can they really suggest? I wonder if it isn’t something else. I mean once he wasn’t a bed wetter and now he is….

I’d go to GP:

it says…

...If self-help techniques alone don’t help, a bedwetting alarm is often recommended. These are moisture-sensitive pads a child wears on their night clothes. An alarm sounds if the child begins to pee. Over time, the alarm should help train a child to wake once their bladder is full….

Definitely worth going, just to see what they say, it may help.

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