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Hallo, I’m spending Sept in Marazion area with dd - almost 5 - and was wondering if we can gate crash any meet-ups while we’re there…I’ve been wanting to move down there for 27 years and would like to get a taste of what life might be like for us if it happens before I start drawing my pension! wink
Happy to travel between Helston - Lands End.

Either there aren’t any on GP…..or I’m really unpopular! *gulp*!

Aww.. what about Facebook groups? Have you tried looking on there for groups in that area? Sorry I can’t help any more but I’m nowhere near Cornwall. Hope someone else comes along soon. x x x

Thanks S-B, just thought there were a few Cornish mamas here, keep forgetting about Facebook!

Hiya xx I am in Cornwall but a long way from Marazion .. It’s one of my most favourite places in Cornwall and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful time xx a simple life in fabulous Cornwall with my gorgeous boys ....

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