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I’ve read the Green Parent for a while, but just joining the forum now. I have a little boy who is 3, and a baby girl who is 5 months. We have just moved to the Highlands, about 20 minutes from Inverness, and would love to meet likeminded families.

We breastfeed, co-sleep, and try to parent as gently as possible (not always as successful as I’d like!). I sew and knit and garden when I have the time and we love being outdoors.

This wasn’t meant to sound like a personal add! Just feel like we need to make some contacts as I can feel a bit isolated having left all our wonderful friends.

So hello everyone!


Hi & welcome ????

Hello and welcome to the forum.  Waving from further South!

Hi, I don’t post very often, but love the forum, I’m from the Western Isles (South Uist) not far from you. Welcome. x

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