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Ive been prescribed some ibuprofen gel to use on my underarm as i have a problem at the moment which is a bit of a mystery but seems to be inflamed lymph nodes. I’m breastfeeding my son (2) which my gp knows about and has given me the prescription…um just not sure if its actual alright to use topically that close to the breast?

ive left a message on the bfn drugs helpline but thought id ask here also.

Hi - I’m no expert but would have the same questions as you about it. It makes me think of when my milk came in and I couldn’t lower my arms down as my arm pits were full of breastmilk - it is all a lot closer than we tend to think. Good luck getting a better answer though. x

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Thanks…apparently its ok to use according to the BFN! I haven’t yet collected my prescription as I’m not sure what to do again with regards to drugs! I think thr problem might be slightly more complicated and linked to an auto immune condition i have.

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