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Purely out of curiosity, does your child get grumpy or feed less during your period?
One friend notices change in character and jokes about saying it’s baby pms (baby being 2) it made me wonder.. I honestly can’t tell the difference at this very moment with his teething and sleepless nights, however he is feeding allot less then usual.
Does breastmilk taste different during periods? Would our feelings/hormones come across due to the closeness of breastfeeding?
What do you think?

I think that mine noticed when it was my period, so I always suspected a change in taste or something ...

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People say it does change—I don’t know if any studies have been done (?), but it does make sense that hormonal shifts would affect the taste, I think. I’m bf-ing a 2-year-old too, and I find she tends to get really mouthy/chewy during my period, though I have no explanation for that!

I often have a dip in supply during menstruation which i think certain behaviours can be attributed too. I’m bf-ing my 2 y.o too and he gets quite grouchy around this time. I feel.very touched out while bf and bleeding so i always think hes picking up on my feelings!

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