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Hello! We have 2 children who attend the village school and the third due to start in September. Our oldest has always been unhappy at school but due to circumstances there has been no option other than to send him. Our middle son always seemed to enjoy school but lately has become bored with it. Our youngest can’t wait to start!

However, in 2016 there may be a Steiner free school opening near us. I have always wanted them to go to a Steiner school as i am much more comfortable with the approach to educating the whole child and how the education seems much more gentle. Until now there hasn’t been one in our area (Cornwall). Obviously we would consult the children as to what they want to do, but does anyone have experience of joining a Steiner school at a later stage? The older 2 have obviously been in the state education system, the early years of which are very different to Steiner. I am not sure how they would react - whether they would become bored, or inspired, etc.

Any stories you want to share would be gratefully read!


Hallo! I’m sorry, I can’t offer you any advice, but I’m curious to know whereabouts in Cornwall? Is it Truro? It has been my dream to move to Penwith/Kerrier for 27 years but to do so would mean me working and dd probably going to school. A Steiner school would be my pref but don’t suppose we could afford it. Sorry, hijack over!

Hi, yes the new school is (hopefully) going to be in Truro. They have applied for free school status and await the response. So exciting!

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