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Hello, I am Clare a stay at home mama to 2 lovely girls. T born 16/09/2009 & A 01/01/2014.
We have recently moved to Cambridge & would love to meet other families with similar parenting values ( natural, attachment, aware etc parenting).
My girls are not at school, so we re free to meet during the daytime.
Are there any regular play dates in Cambridge?
Looking forward to making friends for my girls & my self smile

Hallo from neighbouring Bedfordshire! We sometimes go to Wimpole Home farm and Anglesey Abbey (in warmer seasons wink ) if you fancy a meet up, we are unschooling and have one dd, just turned 5.
Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the welcome stargazy.
I ll let you know when we re going to those places

Hello Clare! Welcome to the forum. We live in France but two years ago we spent six months in Cambridge for my husband’s work—I really miss it! My younger daughter was born there. There is a huge and very active home edding network in Cambridge—have you joined CHEF? If you don’t find it by Googling, PM me and I will forward you their address. There is just loads going on—weekly meetups, all sorts of sporting and artistic and creative activities for all ages, etc. etc. Ah, to have all that here in France! We home educate too, but the community here is tiny by comparison. I have two girls just like you—my older girl is 5.5 and the younger one is 2.

Hi Preets,

Thanks for the info. It’s good to know there’s lots on for families that are home schooling.
I’ve joined CHEF

Hi Stargazy
It would be lovely to meet up. I haven’t learnt to drive but we can meet somewhere that I can get to by bus or train.
Shall I PM you my mobile number?

Hello and welcome, hope you feel at home here smile  waving from up North and West!

Thanks for the welcome

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