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I am appalled by what I read today. Really what is the world coming to? land of the free – my arse!!
The FDA has decided that reusable menstrual pads are Class I Medical Devices. That means those who sew these products must pay an annual fee of 3-4 thousand dollars to continue doing so. Not only must these ladies armed with sewing machines pay taxes on their income, they must pay an extra charge to the FDA to continue making a living this way. I know its in USA at the moment but as we know UK likes to follow suit. The rest of the story is on here

that is ridiculous, lets hope someone realises how stupid they are being and reverses the decision/ stops it coming over here….and the rest of the article reassures me why I changed to a mooncup and home made pads ( which I guess I could give away for free as long as my customers pay for an excessively priced, custom-made storage bag to keep them in??!!)

How appalling. It sounds like big business/government are trying to force out the little guys, get rid of the alternative and the massive corporations/major tax payers stay in business and make more money, which in turn goes to the government.  Obviously it doesn’t matter about the highly toxic chemicals…

Mamma to Hannah, age 8 and Jonas, 2


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