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Hi, I’ve got a lovely pile of compost with chicken muck, veg scraps and leaf mulch which has been brewing for the past 1-2 years. So my question is when do I put it into my raised beds? should I do it now, do I need to cover it, dig it over? Any help appreciated, I’ve got loads of books on gardening but I prefer to get some first hand advice from you guys smile

You can’t go wrong with compost! Bung it on and let the worms do their work.
No urgency to put it on as everything is dormant now anyway.
If this is raised beds for veg I’d put it on just before planting. It is well rotted so wont scorch plants, can’t go wrong!

I would say the same as Moggy, but also add that if your compost is a bit ‘rough’ ( you can still see the half rotted stuff in it, rather than all crumbly brown) I would put it on now and cover it with thick cardboard or black sheeting (with a few bricks on top so it doesn’t blow away!) I find that it encourages worms to come right through all the compost and drag it under the surface, and if you don’t cover it when it rains hard, all the little bits wash deep into the soil leaving the big lumps on the surface making it hard to plant things in Spring.

Thanks for the advice, think I’ll probably get it on soon and cover it up as Gill suggested, all I need now is a break in this crazy weather! Really looking forward to growing some veg this year, I’ve put a lot of love into my compost so hopefully it will pay me back with abundant veg grin

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