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Our team here at TGP put our hearts and soul into each issue of the magazine and I get so proud when it is published I just want everyone to be able to get their hands on a copy and be inspired by the great content. We are always constantly trying to find ways of getting The Green Parent out there and now with the help of the digital revolution you can trial our App for FREE for 30 Days! That gives you a whole month of every magazine that we have ever published right at your fingertips with no obligation to buy. If you love the content (which I’m sure you will) then you don’t need to do anything for your subscription to start, if you would prefer to get the print edition sent to you instead then you can cancel the App and subscribe the the paper edition here and recieve a free gift (paper edition only).
Let us know what you think of the new issue on Facebook and Twitter and please share this link with friends.
The Green Parent team xx

Wow! *bows down*

that’s super cool to design an app - I’m very impressed!

Not surprised you’re doing an excited dance over there smile

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