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We currently live in Switzerland and are planning a move back to the UK late spring time. I will have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Here I would sign the 4 year old up to do some atelier type workshop things and probably circus school. They would run from 9-11.30 or maybe 12 and that would be that. Does this sort of thing exist in the UK. My brief searching online seems to suggest it’s possible to find full time camp type things but that way more than I want/need. She only goes to a playgroup type thing for four mornings a week (which is totally not educational) in term time so there’s no way I want her anything with more hours. She’d probably love some sort of forest school type environment. I have no idea how to begin looking for what I’m thinking of though! We would be based in Gloucestershire…assuming everything goes to plan.

There are all kinds of activity groups for pre-schoolers running in the daytime but from the Sept after 4th birthday nearly all UK children at in Reception class at school (fulltime 9-3 approx) so the choice of activities for 4yrs+ during the daytime is minimal and would pretty much be limited to home-ed groups and things in school holidays.

Locally we have woodland ‘forest school’ type groups, some messy play/creative groups, music groups- all aimed at pre-school ages and older ones in school holidays. But once you know what town you’ll be in you can get some local knowledge- local town Facebook parents pages are a really good source of local info on groups and clubs etc.

There are weekend activities too for all ages but mostly dance/drama and sports classes.

Good luck with the move!

Hi, we’re in Gloucestershire and it’s a fabulous place to live (we have a 3 year old) smile  You name it and it seems to be available here.  I’m not sure whereabouts you are going to be in Gloucestershire or whether you will be schooling or Home Edding but there is this: and there is also this:  I haven’t tried either but have heard School of Larks is great.

For Forest Schools - try this one: - Again, I’ve heard good things about it.

Hope that helps - please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Jen x

I’m in the forest of dean and there is a place called ArtSpace in Cinderford where I know they used to teach circus skills. I don’t know about times / availability but you might find something

It would be worth you checking out a Steiner Kindergarten / parent and toddler group too - there are two or three around which offer roughly the hours you are looking for without educational emphasis.

We have a couple of forest schools as well, but I’m not sure about their availability; I can put you in contact with someone when you’re over here if you like.

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