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Hello! I don’t think I’ve posted on here since I had my second baby 17 months ago (oops!) Anyway, our 7.5 year old DS has always been home educated (apart from a term at nursery when he was 3). Lately it’s been becoming harder and harder and more stressful. He said he was bored last week, he finds it hard being around us and his brother all the time, he complains if we have to go shopping or do any errands…I really think he needs space and time away from us. We can’t provide enough for him to do. He needs constant interaction and to be around other people and he needs lots of structure. We looked around a few schools a couple of months ago and I actually sent off an application form for a school place today (gulp). My worry is that if we do accept a place, how will he cope? Has anyone had a child successfully switch from home ed to school? We’ve been autonomous in our approach so his reading and numeracy is way below where it ‘should’ be if he was at school. It would be a massive change and I would hate for it to go wrong but I think he would enjoy many aspects of school and we just can’t go on as we are. I’ve always found home ed hard but I think I’ve reached burnout and need to admit that it isn’t working for us anymore.

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”- From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran

I home ed my two (now age 8 and 10)but they both went to school for the reception year.
Obviously I don’t know you and your situation, but the reason we sent ours to school origionally was so that we could try it out, none of us knew if the children would be happier at home or at school; we knew the decision did not have to be permanent and (certainly my daughter) really benefited from going (but both chose to come back home).
Also, one thought, as your son is 7 1/2 and autonomous do you think he might be board/ frustrated because he is on the cusp of learning to read/ write independently (that is the typical age for developing reading) and once he can be more independent in his learning he might be able to develop in other areas at the rate he wants to? My DS taught himself to read at that age and he will now spend a lot more time working/playing on his own whereas before he needed me around (and if you are running around after a toddler too you physically can’t be in two places at once)
Hope whatever you decide goes well and any decisions are reversible

Not been in your situation as my older 2 went to school, however, at the moment the plan is for ds2 to be HEd til yr 3 (7yrs) and then start the junior school along with everyone else (it’s separate to the infants school). l
Or if it’s going amazingly he may stay HEd til 11. But we do intend him to go in to school at some point.

Thinking about how ds1 was at the same age (and who had always been in school), he could read but only just. He detested reading and it was always such a struggle to get him to read to us. However, around 7-8yrs old he suddenly “got” reading and realised that actually it can be quite good to be able to read interesting books for himself (not the boring Biff and Chip that the school kept giving him) and he took off from there. What I’m trying to say is, even if he had been at school, your son still might not have been an amazing reader - but as Gill said above, I wonder if he’s bored because he now needs/wants to learn to read but gets irritated because he can’t move that bit further.

I don’t think trying school will be negative for him, as long as you keep an open mind. Just see how it goes and pay close attention to how he’s settling in and go from there. It doesn’t have to be permanent if it’s not working.

Good luck with your decision. x

yes - i removed dd1 from school in the first term of reception and she chose to return (to a different school) in year one. She know that at any point she can chose to be educated at home but currently prefers school. I wanted to follow her lead and while i wish i could have her at home i respect that she does have a say in her education. She was way behind national targets when she restarted school but by christmas had caught up. I will say it was the school that made the transition. Its an academy and very child focused and does not follow the ciricullam. She has music, sewing, woodwork, drama and gardening lessons alongside reading, writing and maths and spend one day a week in a our community garden. Dd1 has some issues and the school have put things into place for her and supported out decision not to get a formal diaganois until she is older.

So i would say trust your instict and be honest with future plans. Our arrangement with dd1 is that she has to not want to go to school for half a term before we will consider home edding, shes six and falls out with her best friend at least once a week! Education can be flexiable.
Good luck grin

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Ah Hazelnut I just wanted to reply to show some support really:) It is a brave & scary move but sounds like you have thought about it a lot & there is no harm done in seeing how it works out. Don’t worry, he will catch up. We have been autonomous too & reading skills happened overnight for my DD at 8, from nothing to everything. He is probably not as far off as you might think. He will be ok as he has a lovely supportive mama. My boy is the same age, they did about one or two pen-pal letters didn’t they, a few years back:) You have given your son an amazing start to his life, be proud. Please tell us how it all goes xxx I’m sure I couldn’t home ed with a baby and an older one, my two are similar age and that makes it much easier xxx

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Oops, I haven’t been on the forum for AGES and realised that I haven’t updated this. We applied for a school place for our son at three local schools. We knew that our first choice was oversubscribed but we put it down anyway. After a few weeks we got a letter offering us a place at a village school about 4 miles away. We went to look round and were generally impressed so we accepted the place for our son. The school only has around 90 pupils and he was in a mixed year 3 and 4 class but that has recently been split into two separate classes so his class only has about 15 pupils in it now grin He settled in amazingly well considering it was a whole new experience and whilst we’ve had the odd issue we’re happy with how it’s going. It was definitely the right decision for our son and I’d like to thank the people that responded to my original post grin

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”- From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran

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