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Hi, my son is an avid reader and has been for some time (to my delight - I was the same at that age).

We’ve moved from story books to Tintin comics (Asterix was a little over his head) and I was thinking to make the transition to proper chapter books for our bedtimes. I already have a number of Roald Dahl books to try out and my sister’s boy loves the Wimpy Kid series so am going to give them a go too but wondered what other books/authors to try, they need to capture his imagination if there are less pictures.

Look forward to some suggestions.

With thanks, Laura.

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We love Pippi Longstockings and Mrs Pepperpot.x

Mummy to 4

Beast Quest are much loved here… there are hundreds of them in the series, I get them from the library. Might not be your kind of thing tough- fantasy, struggle between good and evil, sword fights and battles with fearsome monsters, but that is what my two boys have absolutely loved and they are avid readers! Great descriptive language and gripping stories (if you like that kind of thing).

Enid Blyton- Folk of the Faraway Tree and similar, Famous Five.

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