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When I had T almost 8 years ago there were Kari-mes, Mobys and not much else. I’ve come back to look for baby no 2 and I’m kind of overwhelmed by my options.

I need something pretty (ok, I want something pretty) and apparently some brands are thinner and more suitable for summer? Does this affect their weight bearing?

What are some reliable websites to buy from?

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We had a sleepy wrap - my friend bought for us when DS was born. I really liked it, worked really well until he got too heavy around 6 months. Plain cloth though so not very pretty, wasn’t really fussed personally. I then got a connecta that I used until he was too heavy to carry and then used from birth with DD. loved the simplicity of this and was still snuggly enough even when she was tiny. Sleep hood was useful too. smile

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We had a Moby 3yrs ago but my friend has a Close carrier which is like a stretchy but less faffy to put on. I bought an amazing mei-tai with wrap straps (Babylonia bb-tai) from a lovely mama on here when he was a few months old and wished I’d had it since birth. It was perfect! Not a stretchy but so soft and snuggly it would have been perfect for a newborn. Can still carry him in it now if my legs can take the weight!! xx

I used a Kari-me and loved it! Squeedledee sent me a gorgeous rainbow striped one too, but can’t remember the name of it…that wasn’t helpful, was it?!! I can check in the morning, as babies are asleep and it’s in the wardrobe!

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